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Masonry / Construction Blades and Core Bits

  • High Speed Demo Blade with 14mm Segments

    Standard 12″ or 14″  High Speed Demo Blade with 14mm Segments Perfect for Concrete, Brick and Block, and Stone

  • Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits

      Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits Diteq C-52 Double Pointed Concrete Bits are specially formulated segments.  The Diteq C-52 wet core bits contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum … Continue reading

  • Diamond Core Bit Re-tipping

    Re-Tip your diamond core bits for a fraction of the cost of a new corebit.  The cost of re-tipping is per segment.

  • Diteq Liberty Bell Blades for Soff-Cut Saws

      DITEQ Arix Liberty Bell Blades for Soff-Cut Saws Diteq patented Liberty Bell shaped arbor hole fits all Soff-Cut saws perfectly.  Arix technology for 50% faster cutting and 30% longer life.  Same color coded application specifications as Soff-Cut makes conversion … Continue reading

  • Sonic Wet Core Bits

    These bits are a terrific value. Fast cutting, long lasting and available in MANY sizes. Sonic wet core drills will cut granite, engineered stone, marble and porcelain.

  • Diamond Core Bit – Porcelain, Ceramic, Granite, Marble and More

    Piloted Replacable/Removable Pilot Bit Cuts porcelain, granite, ceramic, marble and other hard to cut hard surfaces Use on a drill – Not Hammer Drill

  • Sonic Dry Tile Blades

          Sonic Dry Tile Blades made by Rocket Supply Company. Fantastic performance and value. Sonic Dry Tile Blades are made for use on Porcelain, Granite, and General Purpose cutting.  Choose from Sonic Dry Tile Blades- 4″, 4.5″, 5″, and … Continue reading

  • Rocket Tile Blade

    Rocket Tile Blade – Porcelain, Granite and Other Very Hard Material Tile Blades –Clean Cut and Long Lasting – 10mm Rim

  • PTC – Porcelain Tile Cutter Drill Bits – 1/4″, 3/16″, and 5/16″

    • Easy Start up and rapid penetration in Porcelain tile. • Special carbide tip ensures accurate holes and virtually eliminates drill bit wander. • Max operating speed, is between 700 and 900 Rpm. • Spray water on the PTC bit … Continue reading

  • Rocket – High Speed Dry Core Bit

    Easy preparation with minimum clean-up; Fits on most popular high-speed grinders; Very fast cutting on granite, engineered stone, marble and porcelain.

  • Sonic Turbo Blades by Rocket Supply

            Sonic Turbo Blades by Rocket Supply – Quad Mount are designed for quickly cutting granite, quartz, and engineered stone. Sonic Diamond Turbo Blades with Quad Mount design are made to exceed quality, performance, life, and expectations … Continue reading

  • Sonic – Contour Blade

    The special design incorporates direct sintered diamond segments on both sides of the steel core, as well as, on the peripheral cutting edge. This allows the blade to cut the curved area cleanly, accurately and safely while allowing a wider … Continue reading

  • Diteq S-43AX Finger/Router Bits – 6 Segments

      Diteq S-43AX Finger/Router Bits are made for high-performance shaping in fabrication applications. Professional fabricators have found these Diteq S43AX ARIX finger bits to work equally as well on soft or hard granite. Manufactured with Diteq ARIX Diamond Arrangement technology, … Continue reading

  • Diteq S-33 Laser Welded Stone Core BitsOn Sale

      Diteq S-33 Stone Core Bits are laser welded for maximum strength and durability. Diamond segment formulations make the high performance Diteq S33 Super Premium Stone Core Bits are ideal for fabrication shops that want to maximize productivity. Use S33 … Continue reading

  • Diamant D Saw Blades

    Sandwich segments wear concave Silent core for whisper-quiet operation Titanium coating for extended blade life and aggressive cut 18mm segment on all sizes For saws with 15hp or more 60/50mm bore

  • Italdiamant Saw Blades

      Italdiamant produces all of its blades for bridge saws in Italy, subjecting them to tests that guarantee their reliability and consistency. The different lines and ranges of products are specifically for work with engineered stone, marble, granite and quartz. This means … Continue reading

  • Hoffman Diamond Router Bits

    Router Bit for stone and quartz surfaces.  Made in the USA.

  • Arix Bridge Saw BladesOn Sale

    Arix® Aligned Diamond Technology Long life Silent core for whisper-quiet operation 25mm segment on all sizes For saws with 15hp or more 60/50mm bore  

  • Premium Turbo Blades

    Our Fastest Cutting and Longest Lasting Turbo Blade.  Comes in 5 3/8″ to cut thru 3cm stone.

  • Zenesis Silent Core Bridge Saw Blades

    Not just a catch phrase: “Zenesis” patterned diamond technology truly is the most advanced innovation in the diamond tool industry. With patented “Zenesis” technology, each and every diamond is placed exactly where optimum performance can be achieved. This strategic placement … Continue reading

  • Super Premium High Speed Combo Material Demo Blade

    Cuts Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Block and Natural Stone

  • Pearl P4 Reactor Silent Core Blade 14 Inch

        Pearl P4 Reactor™ Silent Core Blade, 14 inch / 50mm Arbor Designed to cut granite or engineered stone. Engineered with ADM™ (Advance Diamond Matrix) diamond pattern and layering technology.   ◾18mm segments ◾Extra long life ◾50/60 Arbor ◾Fast, … Continue reading

  • Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade

    Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade     P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade for Porcelain and Granite: Specially designed for use on Extra Hard Ceramics, Porcelain and Other Hard/Dense Materials.   •    Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and … Continue reading

  • Blunt Nose Non-Coring Drill Bits

    Wet cutting bits for small diameter holes in granite, engineered stone, marble and porcelain. Use wet at low RPM. Also available in 5/8”-11 thread.   Non-Coring / Disintegrating Diamond Drill: Inside diameter of this diamond drill is offset. It is … Continue reading

  • Electroplated Blade with Dots

    High Quality Electroplated Blade Great for Marble and Porcelain Slabs Dots for Side Grinding Quad Mount

  • Rocket Supply General Purpose Diamond Blades with 14mm Segments

        Rocket Supply Brand General Purpose Diamond Blades with 14 mm segments •    Perfect for the general purpose of cutting cured concrete, block, brick, tile, pavers, and stone. •    Fast Cutting, Long Lasting 14mm segments for extended life •   … Continue reading

  • DS Milling Wheels

    Extra quiet

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