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Handling Equipment – Stone

  • Weha Gecko Stone Carry ClampsOn Sale

      Weha Gecko Stone and Glass Carry Clamps (set of 2) Double Handled   Weha Gecko Stone Carry Clamps were made to hand carry counter tops, stone slabs, glass material, and other sheet goods.  Weha Stone Carry Clamps are rated … Continue reading

  • Weha Yellow A Frame Rack with Crossbar

          Weha Safety Yellow Granite and Stone A Frame Storage Rack Set with Crossbar are made to support granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite, and all other sheet materials.   The Weha Granite and Quartz A Frame Storage … Continue reading

  • Weha Yellow Shop Cart

          Weha Yellow Granite and Stone Shop Cart is built tough and durable, with a 2000 lb. weight capacity.  The Weha Stone Shop Cart can handle multiple pieces at a time. The Yellow Weha Stone Shop Cart is … Continue reading

  • Weha Fabrication Tables

    Weha offers 2 different fabrication stands. These simple work tables allow you to layout the counter top including the L kitchens as well as islands.   Call Rocket Supply to order @  303-744-7004  

  • Weha Buffalo Bundle Slab Storage Rack

          The Weha Buffalo Bundle Slab Storage Rack Set.  The Weha Buffalo Storage Rack Set is a continuous locking full slab storage racking system for storing bundle and individual slabs.   Weha Buffalo Bundle Slab Storage rack design … Continue reading

  • Weha Heavy Duty Remnant Rack

    Weha Heavy Duty Remnant Stone Storage Rack 5 foot. Comes with 2 60″ Bases and 20- 36″ Posts The Weha Heavy Duty Stone Remnant Rack is excellent for storing cut pieces, vanities, and remnants of all kinds. This isn’t the … Continue reading

  • Weha Yellow Fiberglass Rodding Stand

          Weha Yellow Fiberglass Rodding Stand is sturdy, durable, and holds up to 330 feet rolls of Fiberglass Rodding. The Weha Fiberglass Rodding Stand works perfect for white fiberglas rodding and the Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding.   Weha … Continue reading

  • Abaco Bundle Slab Rack BSR 010

    Abaco Bundle Slab Rack BSR-010 Designed for the storage of bundles of slabs Base rails are capped with wood to protect material Ships with two base rails and eight pole   Call Rocket Supply to order @ 303-744-7004 Specifications Shipping … Continue reading

  • Abaco One Stop Truck A-Frame PRO

    • Design for storing and transporting material • Material is placed on special rubber profiles and secured four ratchet securing bars • Center section can be used for storage of tools and small pieces of material • Two eyelets on … Continue reading

  • Abaco Safety Slab Dolly SSD-35

    ABACO Safety Slab Dolly with top support to secure the material.  ABACO Safety Slab Dolly SSD-35 is designed to move stone material with ease. Very effective, secure, safe, and reliable. ABACO Safety Slab Dolly SSD-35 features include: Top support to … Continue reading

  • Abaco Self Locking Dolly – M3

    Abaco Self Locking Dolly M3 • Perfect for installs • Heavy duty all-terrain carts • Rubber is vulcanized to cart to protect material • Self-locking jaws • Clamping strength is proportional to the weight of the material • M3 has … Continue reading

  • Abaco Economy Truck A-Frame

    Abaco Economy Truck A-Frame is constructed with two Standard A-Frames joined by a cross bar, which can be extended to an overall length to five feet. Strengthening plates have been added at the base of the Abaco Economy Truck A … Continue reading

  • Abaco Economy A-Frame

    SAF060 • Square steel tubing • Strengthening plate increases W.L.L. • Includes timber blocks to protect material and improve stability • Sold and used in pairs • 8000 lbs. (3636kg) W.L.L. per side Warning: When loading these frames, weight must … Continue reading

  • One Stop Single Sided A-Frame

    Sturdy design prevents tipping Rubber straps on back and bottom protect material Two ratchet securing bars to keep material in place Four casters allow for easy movement around the shop 71″x 25″ x 60″ 2200 lb Capacity  

  • Wood’s Powr Grip Vacuum Lifters – Rocket Supply carries the full line

    With standard capacities to 3000 lbs [1360 kg], WPG vacuum lifters can efficiently lift, maneuver and transport large stone slabs between storage racks and CNC machines, slab saws or cutting tables. These AC, DC or air-powered vacuum lifters move heavy … Continue reading

  • Woods Powr Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle – N4950 • WPG

    Built for heavy-duty installation and processing applications, Powr-Grip’s N4950 Vacuum Cup features an all-metal pump and handle for maximum durability in the factory or at the job site. Its flat vacuum pad is ideal for handling counter tops and other … Continue reading

  • Abaco Little Giant 50 and 60 Slab Lifter

    Little Giant Lifter (Black or White) • Strong and secure • Strong lifting pin • Lower overall height • Straight Lift • Large grip range • Includes swivel shackle Call Rocket Supply to order @  303-744-7004  

  • Wedgee

    Decrease the likelihood of employee fatalities and injuries while moving slabs more efficiently. The Wedgee™ Safety Tool creates the ideal space between slabs, whether 2 or 3 cm, so a slab clamp can be easily inserted while keeping employees out … Continue reading

  • Abaco ACC40 Double Handled Carry Clamps

    Abaco ACC40 Double Handled Carry Clamps (set of 2) The Abaco ACC40 Double Handled Stone and Glass Carry Clamps are designed to safely lift and carry stone and glass slabs.  The fully vulcanized rubber pads provide added grip and prevent … Continue reading

  • Stone Pro 6cm Power Carry Clamps

    Safely carry any stone up to 6cm!! Designed for Short Return Lamination. Will not rotate off stone. Strongest Carry clamp in the Industry. Lightweight with non-marring material. Sold in Pairs.

  • Abaco AFJ-25 Forklift Boom

      Abaco AFJ-25 Forklift boom is esigned for use with 2 and 2.5 ton forklift trucks.  The Abaco AFJ 25 Forklift offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.  Fully extended, the boom reaches to 94 ½” (2400mm).  The AFJ-25 … Continue reading

  • Abaco Processing Table

      Abaco Processing Table is built tough and designed for worker comfort, convenience, and results in increased efficiency and production.  The Abaco Processing Table Top tilts from being flat to various degrees (0-76) for users to work more comfortably. This … Continue reading

  • Abaco Working Table with or without Casters

      Abaco Working Table   Rubber lined, sturdy work table Built-in brackets Independent, adjustable feet Collapsible for easy transport Constructed of 18 gauge steel Available with or without casters Use multiple tables to create different layouts   Call Rocket Supply … Continue reading

  • Abaco Remnant Slab Rack

          The Abaco Remnant Slab Rack is conveniently compact and is designed to store smaller stone slabs.  The Abaco Remnant Slab Rack is specifically for storing smaller slabs such as leftover pieces for the next job.   Abaco Slab … Continue reading

  • Abaco Slab Rack SRK010

            Abaco Slab Rack SRK010 10 ft. SRK010 Ideal for shops with limited storage space Ships with two base rails and twenty poles Spare poles are available with or without rubber   Call Rocket Supply to order … Continue reading

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