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Prosoco GemTone Stain Concrete Color Dye


Prosoco GemTone Stain penetrating translucent color dye for interior concrete floors. Prosoco Consolideck GemTone Stain transforms dull grey concrete into decorative, low maintenance finished concrete flooring. Apply penetrating Prosoco Gem Tone Stains to concrete before hardening/densifying with Consolideck LS, then apply Consolideck Prosoco LS Guard to enhance the color with a high gloss protective finish.  It is available in 12 ounce and 60 ounce containers.  Available in a wide variety of colors, including:  Amber, Concrete Gray, Georgia Clay, Welsh Slate, Mocha, Black, and many more.
Prosoco GemTone Stain is VOC Compliant. It is Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, and Non-corrosive. Low Odor. Suitable for use in occupied spaces. Consolideck Gem Tone Stain contains no harmful acids. Will not etch polished concrete surfaces or corrode surrounding metals. No need to neutralize.  Gemtone by Prosoco penetrates deeper than acid stains or conventional color pigments. Will not peel or flake.
Consolideck color systems for concrete floors let you
turn floors, new or old, into gleaming, gem-like, yet slipresistant

  • Achieves translucent color for interior concrete
  • Layered color applications achieve deeper color intensity
  • Creates a durable and low-maintenance concrete floor
  • Works with low pressure sprayer, microfiber pads
    and diamond polished floors
  • Low-oder and safe for occupied areas
  • SCS Certified Indoor Air Quality — Gold Level


Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxDownloadFile Size
1Prosoco GemTone Stain - Black 16 oz$45.00Band 1
2Prosoco GemTone Stain - Black 60 oz$207.75Band 1
3Prosoco GemTone Stain - Mocha 16 oz$45.00Band 1
4Prosoco GemTone Stain - Mocha 60 oz$207.75Band 1
5Prosoco GemTone Stain - Amber 16 oz$45.00Band 1
6Prosoco GemTone Stain - Amber 60 oz$214.75Band 1
7Prosoco GemTone Stain - Concrete Gray 16 oz$45.00Band 1
8Prosoco GemTone Stain - Concrete Gray 60 oz$207.75Band 1
9Prosoco GemTone Stain - Georgia Clay 16 oz$45.00Band 1
10Prosoco GemTone Stain - Georgia Clay 60 oz$207.75Band 1
11Prosoco GemTone Stain - Welsh Slate 16 oz$45.00Band 1
12Prosoco GemTone Stain - Welsh Slate 60 oz$207.75Band 1
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