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Husqvarna Hiperhard and Hiperlith

Hiperhard is an additional treatment product in the Hiperfloor process. It is a silicate applied to the concrete surface, to react with the calcium hydroxide that already exists in the concrete. A crystalline /glassy structure is formed in the pores of the concrete near the surface, and this is a main contributor to increasing the surface hardness of the concrete. The formation of calcium silicate in the concrete, combined with polishing the concrete with resin-bonded diamonds, significantly hardens the floor and improves the abrasion resistance as well having a significant impact on the appearance of the final floor.

No scrubbing! Just apply, let dry and polish!


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Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxDownloadFile Size
1Potassium HSQ-HIPERHARD5 Hiperhard 5 Gallon HFH020$179.00
2HSQ-HIPERHARD55 Hiperhard - Potassium Densifier - 55 gallon Drum$1,725.00
3 Lithium HSQ-HIPERLITH5 Husqvarna Hiperlith - 5 Gallon Lithium Densifier $179.00
4HSQ-HIPERLITH55 Husqvarna Hiperlith - 55 Gallon Lithium Densifier$1,700.00
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