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Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Redi Lock

Husqvarna Elite Grind G-1480 Series black color comes in a pack of 3. Available in Double and Triple H Segment with x-hard bond. Husqvarna Redi Lock Black G 1480 Extra Hard comes in both 20 grit and 30 grit sizes. Optimal diamond selection enables the highest performance available for a wide range of conditions and applications. Husqvarna Redi Lock Elite G 1440 x-hard bond in black has the largest industry segments at .5 inches height (13 mm).
Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Double or Triple H Segment is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tools. No need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs; no time consuming and impractical screw-on-diamond systems. Fits a variety of husqvarna machines including the Husqvarna PG 530, PG 680, and PG 820 Planetary Grinders.

  • High flexibility
  • Excellent working speed and tool life by dry grinding
  • X-Hard Bond.
  • Largest industry segments at 0.5″ (13mm) high.
  • Grit sizes: #20, #30
  • Double or Triple segments
  • Redi-lock system
  • Strong base plate with milled Redi Lock tab for attachment to carrier discs.
  • Fits: PG 530, PG 680, PG 820 planetary grinders.


Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxDownloadFile Size
1Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Double H Segment 3 pack-20 grit$162.00Band 1
2Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Double H Segment 3 pack-30 grit$162.00Band 1
3Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Triple H Segment 3 pack-20 grit$297.00Band 1
4Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Triple H Segment 3 pack-30 grit$297.00Band 1
Order Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1480 Series in single or double H segments
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